Sunday, March 7, 2010

city you can go if you like, but the circus stays

Last year when the Fringe ended and the Garden disappeared like a tardis and faded away to nothing in an instant, I cried.

The circus had left town :(

I wandered around the empty park, chewing on the peppercorns from the tree and wondering if it had all been a dream.

I stood at the end of Rundle Street and was forced to remember that I live in a city, not a wonderland.


This year, when the Fringe leaves, the circus DOESN'T leave town. O no no no! 
THIS year, the circus stays RIGHT HERE! 
THIS year...  the circus keeps spinning around my head, tumbling down into my life as I keep rolling along and throwing things at it.

THIS year, when the Garden disappears like a tardis, me and my freaky friends will sit in the electric air and have a tea party, we might even dream up some cupcakes.

When I stand at the end of Rundle Street, I will look around me and think to myself... this city is a playground, and it is SO full of things to do.
Now hop to it Anya!