Sunday, December 13, 2009

don't do this.

If you lock yourself in a sarcophagus with little slits in the top for air
Then hide yourself and your coffin in a cupboard so that no one knows you're there

You'll get very bored and very hungry before people even notice you are gone.
You'll die before you prove a point, and it isn't likely to be fun.

can you hear Violet?

Violet was constantly amazed at how her world kept changing and shifting, right in front of her eyes.

She would say: there are 10 elephants in this room. 
Then someone would say: No Violet. You are lying. 
And suddenly they were gone.
Violet didn't miss them too much because she was already fascinated by this new world without elephants.
She would then say: look at those empty spaces over there (where the elephants once were)
Someone would reply: No Violet, there are no empty spaces.

WELL! By THAT logic, thought Violet, I must be missing something! Ah!
Aha! Turtles kissing and 10 acrobats twirling! Wonderful!

Violet can see it!
And I ask.... why can't YOU see it?

Violet took lightly to her feet, 
then lightly back to the air, 
then lightly to her feet again. 
and again. 
and again. 

That is to say... she was skipping. 

Off she goes again, back into the depths of your subconscious. 

Maybe one day she will stay for longer